How data can mislead in analysing social policy

Posted on:01-09-15

Avani Kapur

India needs a transformation in how data is measured and analysed to form policy

First published in Business Standard Punditry on August 20, 2015 Read more »

Teachers' Strike and the Learning Problem

Posted on:11-08-15

by Ashish Ranjan

In the month of April and May 2015, there was hardly any academic work happening in schools in Bihar. Thousands of school teachers teaching in primary and secondary government schools (mainly Niyojit or contractual teachers) went on indefinite strike from April 9 with a specific demands of ‘equal pay for equal work’. The strike ended on May 13. This strike resulted in the delay of admission procedures including the beginning of the next academic year. Read more »

Making the case for expanding Social Security Pensions: States show the way

Posted on:13-05-15

Anindita Adhikari

pension parishad rally in Delhi Read more »

Photo Essay : Six years of “PAISA”

Posted on:07-04-15

दिनेश कुमार 

“पैसा” परियोजना की शुरुआत वर्ष 2009 में हुई। 6 साल के अनुभवों को एक photo essay के रूप में प्रस्तुत किया गया है। 

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NREGA: A last-mile push

Posted on:13-03-15

by Vidushi Bahuguna Read more »

Media Coverage of AI's Budget Briefs, 2015

Posted on:02-03-15

collated by Papia Samajdar

Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research is delighted to launch its Budget Brief Series, 2015 based on the Government of India's budget presented on February 28, 2015​. Read more »

The Anatomy of Indian Administration

Posted on:06-01-15


By Vincy Davis


In this blog post, I briefly take stock of Lant Pritchett’s arguments on the “flailing” nature of the Indian state, and Michael Lipsky’s seminal work on “street-level bureaucrats” in an effort to theoretically understand the structure of Indian administration.  Pritchett’s attempt through his paper is to make sense of India in its totality, and so he comments on all major facets of what makes this nation-state tick. For my current purpose, my focus is on the administrative aspect covered in his paper. Lipsky’s book covers in rich detail, the workings of and the context in which field level officials of the state, toil. In this post, I have borrowed from the central idea of his work.     Read more »