July 2010

Exploring the Links Between Mother's Literacy and Child Achievement

Posted on:27-07-10

Mandakini Devasher Surie

It is a well known fact that children of more educated parents are likely to perform better in school. It is also well known that the amount of time parents dedicate to their children, either playing with them or helping them with their homework, also influences and shapes a child's cognitive ability. Over and above this, theory also suggests that parents investment and consumption choices, the home environment, presence or absence of positive role models etc also plays an important role. I recently had the opportunity to field test some of these theoretical assumptions about the linkages between parents education and child achievement in a village in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Read more »

Who are the Poor in India?

Posted on:22-07-10

Rishiv Khattar

Over the years various indices and poverty measures have been developed to try and estimate the number of people living below the poverty line. The latest in this long line of poverty measures is the Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index (MPI). Developed by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) UNDP, the MPI aims to provide a more detailed assessment of poverty at the individual level. In India, the MPI estimates that 55% of the country’s population is poor. Read more »

Pakistan considers Right to Information Bill 2010

Posted on:21-07-10

Pakistan may soon have a law guaranteeing citizens the right to access information held by the government, following the introduction of a new Right to Information Bill in the National Assembly of Pakistan. Moved as as private member's bill, the draft law aims to improve upon and replace the existing Freedom of Information Ordinance 2001.


India and the Failed States Index: 12 Counts of Failure

Posted on:06-07-10

Rishiv Khattar

Foreign Policy and the Fund for Peace have been publishing the Failed States Index since 2005. The 2010 Index uses 90,000 publicly available sources to assess 177 countries and rate them on 12 metrics of state decay—India ranked 87 and received a score of 77.8. Read more »

From Outlays to Outcomes- Getting Development from Development Expenditures

Posted on:06-07-10

In August 2009, AI and the Centre for Development Finance, Institute for Financial Management and Research organised a conference entitled “From Outlays to Outcomes - Getting Development from Development Expenditures” in New Delhi. The papers presented at the conference have been featured in a special issue of India Review (Volume 9 Issue 2 2010). Read more »

Health Care Spending Rising Faster Than Economic Growth In Industrialized Countries – OECD Health Data 2010

Posted on:01-07-10

While India is still struggling to live up to the “Nine is Mine” dream (calling for 9% of GDP to be committed to health and education), according to OECD’s Health Data 2010, in leading industrialized countries, the health care spending is rising faster than economic growth. The study reports: Read more »