Malnutrition: A response to the Gujarat Chief Minister Based on the Data
By collated by Papia Samajdar, 28 Feb 2015

Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research is delighted to launch its Budget Brief Series, 2015 based on the Government of India's budget presented on February 28, 2015​.

Budget briefs are an annual publication that report on the efficacy of Government of India spending on flagship social sector programmes using government reported data. The briefs undertake basic analysis of allocation and expenditure trends and where possible, given limitations of government data, on outputs and outcom​es.​

Our Budget Briefs, 2015 as well as the pre-budget analysis has been widelycovered by media. Please read our opinion pieces and where we have been quoted by various media houses.

AI Opinion pieces published in media

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AI quoted in media

Rajasthan Patrika, March 30, 2015

दो तिहाई पैसा कंस्ट्रक्शन पर, गुणवत्ता पर सिर्फ 1 फीसदी पैसा

The Times of India, March 16, 2015

Rajasthan fails to spend a single penny from Centre's education fund

The Times of India, March 4, 2015

Budget cuts may retard TN's learning curve

The Hindu, March 1, 2015

 New money-sharing regime is in

The Hindu, February 24, 2015

Social spending needs Budget boost

Dainik Jagran, February 22, 2015

स्वास्थ्य का हाल

Dainik Jagran, February 21, 2015

स्वच्छता की सच्चाई

First Post, February 19, 2015

As swine flu swirls out of control, government funds to health ministry remain unspent