Vivek Ramkumar

Accounting for results : Ensuring transparency and accountability in financing for climate change

This brief looks at climate finance over the past year and how the current level of reporting is inadequate to the task of ensuring that funding commitments are fulfilled and funds are used effectively. Read more »

Our money, Our responsibility: A Citizens' Guide to Monitoring Government Expenditures

This is the third publication in a series developed by the International Budget Project (IBP) and complements the previous two Guides by focusing on the budget implementation process, especially on civil society efforts to monitor and influence the quality of government expenditures. The Guide discusses the work undertaken by 18 budget advocacy organizations around the world.

Expanding Collaboration Between Public Audit Institutions and Civil Society

Presented in this paper from the International Budget Project are brief overviews of innovative civil society and Supreme Audit Institution practices in public auding adopted in some countries.  The overviews are followed by an analysis of the opportunities that are available for increasing collaboration between civil society organizations and national public audit institutions – as well as the challenges that these working relationships will generate.  Finally, there is a discussion of the steps that could be taken to mitigate these challenges and raise the profile and acceptance Read more »