Accountability Links

iKNOW Politics

The International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics) is an online workspace designed to serve the needs of elected officials, candidates, political party leaders and members, researchers, students and other practitioners interested in advancing women in politics. Read more »

Apps for Democracy, Community Edition - Washington DC, USA

In the fall of 2008, Washington DC’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer asked  iStrategyLabs how it could make DC government’s revolutionary Data Catalog useful for the citizens, visitors, businesses and government agencies of Washington, DC. The Data Catalog contains all manner of open public data featuring real-time crime feeds, school test scores, and poverty indicators, and is the most comprehensive of its kind in the world. Read more »

HM Treasure: Public Service Performance Reporting - UK

This website from the UK Treasury’s lets the citizens find out ‘how the government is doing’. Here the citizens can see what the government is committed to and how it is performing against its stated objectives. Choosing from a list of departments provided, citizens can get an overview of progress towards each department's Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets and information on each department's Departmental Strategic Objectives (DSOs), through looking at the department's Departmental Reports and Performance Reports.

SMS Judicial Information System - Ministry of Justice, Turkey

The SMS judicial information system of Ministry of Justice, Turkey, provides a service for the citizens and lawyers which enables them to receive SMS messages containing legal information such as ongoing cases, dates of court hearings, the last change in the case and suits or department claims against them. This way they can be instantly informed by SMS about any kind of legal event related to them without going to courts. Read more »

Laws of India, A Project of PRS Legislative Research, India

In India, legislation is made by Parliament and State Legislatures. Laws made by Parliament are easily available in the public domain at various sites, including those maintained by the Law Ministry. However, laws enacted by the 30 state legislatures are not easily accessible. The Laws of India database, a project of PRS Legislative Research (, aims to make all these laws available to the public, free of charge. In the first phase, the Laws of India database has laws from 10 states. Over the course of the next few months, laws from other states will be added.

Participatory Budgeting Unit, United Kingdom

The Participatory Budgeting Unit is a project of the charity Church Action on Poverty, based in Manchester in the UK and supports public sector and community groups in developing participatory budgeting processes in their local areas within the UK. Participatory budgeting (PB) allows the citizens of an area (neighbourhood, regeneration or local authority area) to participate in the allocation of part of the local Council’s or other statutory agency's (health services, police) available financial resources. Read more »

National Statistical Coordination Board ( NSCB), Philippines

The National Statistical Coordination Board is part of the Governance Project of Philippines, conceived specifically to respond to the importance of good governance. The website has a number of different governance indicators including administrative data, as well as economic and social indicators. Read more »

Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Center, An-Najah National University, Palestine

The Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Center is a research institute in An-Najah National University, Palestine established to coordinate and conduct surveys on a range of different political, economical, and social issues within Palestine. The Center's main goals are to: 1. Conduct opinion polls in the Palestinian Territories. 2. Conduct rapid studies on 'hot topic' for which data are immediately needed. 3. Conduct economical, social and political surveys to fulfill the general mission of the center. 4. To make survey and poll data available to local and international organizations. 5. Read more »

Kenya Bribery Index, Transparency International, Kenya

The Kenya Bribery Index (KBI) is part of TI- Kenya's effort to inform the fight against corruption with rigorous and objective research and analysis. It remains the most empirical analysis of corruption in Kenya. The survey captures corruption as experienced by ordinary citizens in their interaction with officials of both public and private organisations. Respondents provide information on their encounters with bribery during the year such as where they paid bribes, for what and in what amount. Read more »

Open Book New York

Open Book New York is a project by the Office of the State Comptroller that gives the citizens unprecedented access to learn how State and local governments are spending their money. Easy-to-use online search tools enable the citizens to find detailed financial information for 3,100 local governments and 94 State agencies and public authorities. Users can also search more than 60,000 State contracts, and see how federal stimulus money is being spent in New York. Read more »