Accountability Links

The European Ombudsman

The website contains an interactive guide to help people identify the most appropriate body to turn to with their complaints about the institutions and bodies of the European Union. This service is proving particularly useful for citizens, businesses, and other organisations throughout Europe. The website is regularly updated with case summaries, press releases, details of upcoming events and publications.

Data Gov

DataGov provides a user-friendly interface for accessing most of the publicly available indicators related to governance. The interactive tool permits users to easily produce cross-national comparative and time series graphs and tables for immediate printing or for export to standard office software. It contains approximately 800 governance indicators for a global sample of countries whose coverage depends on the  source. Read more »

Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), Kenya

The IEA is a civic forum that promotes debate on public policy issues through research, evidence based advocacy etc. They have a Budget Information Programme (BIP) that gives information on public finance management issues.

Andhra Pradesh State NREGA Portal

The Management Information System (MIS) of the Andhra Pradesh state NREGA implementation is an example of successful utilization of ICT to both rationalize managerial processes and make the system transparent to the citizens. Read more »

Transparency Portal, Brazil

The Transparency Portal makes it possible for public managers and citizens at large to follow up on the financial execution of all programs and actions of the Federal Government of Brazil more easily. Read more »

The Sunlight Foundation

The Sunlight Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that uses cutting-edge technology and ideas to make government transparent and accountable. It focuses on the digitization of government data and the creation of tools and websites to make that data easily accessible for all citizens.

Virginia Performs, Virginia, USA

The state of Virginia has come out with a system of aligning specific state agency outcomes with larger statewide goals, through scorecards measuring various indicators, such as, quality-of life measures(societal indicators), indicators for key objectives to see results on the highest priorities and a range of other metrics assessing state programs and services delivery and management across many sectors including health and family, education, economy, public safety, transportation, government and citizens, natural resources. Read more »

Maryland Department of Budget and Management

This is a public web site which allows citizens of Maryland and visitors to search and view summary information on  payments made to vendors that received $25,000 or more for the respective fiscal year.


TID+ stands for “Today I Decide +”. It is a software and a set of documentation that were developed under a project co-financed by the European Union, under the eParticipation Preparatory Action.TID+ is aimed at governmental and non-governmental organisations that are looking for a solution to allow citizens to take the initiative in proposing and discussing new regulation.On this site, you will find all information on the project, including a prototype and information on how to make your own implementation.

The Right-to-Know Network, USA

The Right-to-Know Network provides free access to numerous databases and resources on the environment in order to empower citizen involvement in community and government decision-making on environmental issues. With the information available on RTK NET, citizens can identify specific factories and their environmental effects; find permits issued under environmental statutes; and identify civil cases filed. RTK NET was started in 1989 in support of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) in USA, which mandated public access to the Toxic Release Inventory.