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Achieving transparency in pro-poor education incentives

What are the best ways to ensure that scholarships, conditional cash transfers, free school meals reach their intended beneficiaries? Read more »

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Resources on CIC judgement 2013

On June 3rd 2013, the Central Information Commission passed a judgment that brings (6) political parties under the RTI Act. Read more »

Promises to keep: Investigating Government's response to Sachar Committee recommendations

This study evaluates ‘flagship programmes’ for minority development, launched in response to recommendations of the Sachar Committee. Read more »

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Avani Kapur, Gayatri Sahgal

Accountability: the core concepts and its subtypes

The concept of accountability has become increasingly popular in diverse fields including development policy. This working paper from the Overseas Development Institute argues that new meanings and dimensions risk diluting its content and creating conceptual confusion - with significant implications for empirical analysis. Read more »

Teacher Performance Pay: Experimental Evidence from India

Performance pay for teachers is frequently suggested as a way of improving education outcomes in schools, but the theoretical predictions regarding its effectiveness are ambiguous and the empirical evidence to date is limited and mixed. Read more »

Reforming or Replacing the Public Distribution System with Cash Transfers?

The targeted public distribution system, intended to provide subsidised food to poor households, is the largest welfare programme in India, with a budget corresponding to about 1% of the net national product. Several studies have found the system to be inefficient and costly in assisting the poor. Read more »

Transparency in State Budgets in India

This study is a first step towards understanding the issues pertaining to budget transparency at the sub-national levels in the country, and, therefore, in the nature of developing baseline information at the level of State Budgets for selected States. Read more »

Reforming the Public Distribution System: Lessons from Chattisgarh

Reforms to the public distribution system in Chhattisgarh that focused on extending coverage, improving delivery and increasing transparency have led to its remarkable revival. Read more »

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Raghav Puri
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Beyond governance: How is the international Anticorruption legal framework performing and why?

In the last decade, good governance has raised to become the main independent variable explaining development. This, in turn, has led to an international anticorruption industry based mostly on institutional exports, such as anticorruption agencies, Ombudsmen,freedom of information laws, and having a legal basis in the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. Read more »